The ultimate goal of VISION is uncover how single nanoparticles catalyze chemical reactions at the atomic level. VISION will address this challenge by combining new, emerging platforms for visualizing of the atomic structure, dynamics and functions of single nanoparticles during catalysis.

With this new scientific paradigm, VISION aims a making breakthrough scientific  discoveries  in  thermal  catalysis  and  electrocatalysis  needed  to  tackle  the grand environmental challenges of our time. 

To pursue the ultimate goal, VISION’s research program will progress in four tightly interconnected work packages (WPs):

  • WP1: 3D atomic-resolution electron microscopy and spectroscopy under reactive gas conditions.
  • WP2: Thermal catalysis by single nanoparticles
  • WP3: Electrocatalysis by single nanoparticles
  • WP4: Atom dynamics and molecular interactions.

These research activities builds on the integration of emerging developments in electron microscopy, microfabricated devises, nanoparticle synthesis and test, and numerical calculations.